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September 20th, 2006

I feel accused when looking at campus bulletin boards
The bulletin boards in the many residence halls on campus are filled with different fliers, from safety tips from the local RAs to advertisements for a variety of campus activities. However, each time I look at one of these random boards, I do not feel inclined to go join in on the poker night fun or store my microwave away beneath my bed. Instead, I feel accused of a serious crime I haven’t committed and will never commit.

A specific paper stands out from the rest. Emblazoned in bold black font on a pure white background are the words “men” and “rape”. .”If you take a step closer you can see the main part of the message, “can stop”, squeezed between the big bold words in a smaller black circle. The effect is simply to catch your attention with the accusation “men rape.”

Men Ending Rape, the organization responsible for the fliers, was co-founded by Keith Edwards, a speaker with a background in education. Edwards’ program “She Fears You” is a presentation delivered to college and university students across the country about rape and sexual abuse. The event came to IC Monday, Sept. 11.

The idea is a good one; educating college students, especially males, about sexual assault is a noble pursuit. However, the layout of the poster doesn’t reflect the organizations stated goal. The first sentence on the organization’s website,, reads: “The fact that men rape is obvious, but the fact that men can end rape is often an after thought (sic).” Ironically,what the website decries is directly reflected by their poster, i.e. quick glance reading “men rape,” secondary inspection “men can stop rape.”

-Josh Elmer

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