If Not Now, When?

September 20th, 2006

Bush seemingly immune to public acccountability

By Brandon Guarneri

One of the more grotesque instances of the American media failing to do their job occurred recently, following an August 21st speech by President George W. Bush, in which he dismissed all hope of getting American troops home in the near future.

Weighing in on the hotly-debated possible timetable for American troop withdrawal from Iraq, Bush brazenly proclaimed, “We’re not leaving so long as I’m the president.” At first glance, the quote is consistent with his “stay the course” mentality. But prior to this strangely ominous, open-ended commitment, which apparently doesn’t even hinge on progress in Iraq, Bush had claimed that troops would stay until a stable democracy is installed, and the Iraqis can protect themselves. An arduous task, sure, and clearly one not supported by the majority of Americans, but at the very least, the troops had something to aspire to, a goal to achieve, a light towards which to run.

Now, however, Bush has committed an apparent Freudian slip of epic proportions. Leftist conspiracy theorists have long since concluded that the American plan for Iraq is nothing short of a permanent military base, and here was Bush practically admitting it. It was shocking, however, to see the lack of media coverage on his word choice.

All any news outlet had to do was question his language. They’ve been so willing to simply regurgitate buzzwords like “cut-and-run” without offering critical analysis of why they’re used and who they benefit, I suppose it’s something of a pipe dream to assume that they’d suddenly spring into action now, cape flowing in the wind, demanding that Bush explain himself.

The president could easily have countered potential questions by explaining that, yes, obviously, we would leave Iraq if tangible progress was made – but here’s where the gigantic opportunity was missed, because Bush’s statement implies that there’s little to no chance that any real progress will be made in the next few years. He’d have to explain himself. Forgetting the recent trend where the administration discloses the arduousness of the mission at hand, the Bushies have been infamous for their infatuation with rose-colored glasses. This disconnect is glaring, like a rash scratched raw.

If only the media had held Bush to task, we’d have a perfect example of the administration being forced to disclose how much they’ve twisted the truth to maintain support for a war that they lied us into in the first place. Instead, the media reverted to lap dogs with glossy coats and dull, useless teeth.

They reported on the speech because they had to, but by ignoring that one incredibly telling comment, they’ve failed us.

Oceania was at war with Eurasia. Oceania had always been at war with Eurasia.

At least they will be, until we start asking questions. •
Brandon Guarneri is a senior writing major who wrote something for us to print here that we felt was too profound for the masses. He can be reached at [email protected]

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