Pas/Cal - Dear Sir (Le Grand Magistery, 2006)

December 7th, 2006

By Andrew Frisicano

Casimer Pascal and his Detroit cohorts must be sitting on a Cadillac-sized cache of unreleased tunes. In the past five years, the group’s total output has been limited to two EPs and a handful of singles, and Dear Sir offers more of the same—five tracks of complex, nuanced indie pop with an ear for arrangement and studio space. Pas/Cal apparently skipped out during Motown to brush up on some California sunshine, with debts owed to the reel-to-reel recordings of yester-decade. The vocals reach for the cookie jar on top of that olive green fridge, while the handclaps bounce endlessly off paisley-patterned kitchen tiles. I’m continually amazed by the possibilities of stereo sound, and every note here is mixed with intent and flash.

With this internet downloading thing in full swing, the EP has come into its own as legitimate musical form. Pas/Cal, in particular, has focused its choreographed compositions through the EP to startling success. Though an album is scheduled for early 2007, Dear Sir will put Pas/Cal in stockings and blogs just in time for holiday hot cocoa and cookies. Now all we need is a tour. 

Whaling Wall Matthew Farrell
Chow Feng Shui Josh Elmer
Stained Glass Ceiling Emily McNeill
Anarchitect Mike Berlin
SaHarrison Desert Harrison Flatau
Metrolollipopolis Jennifer Konerman
Tropic of Scurvy Heather Newberger
Copy Editors Danielle Sherwood
  Jenna Scatena
  Elliott Feedore
Adviser Mary Beth O’Connor
Chief Residents Abby Bertumen
  Kelly Burdick
  Bryan Chambala
  Sam Costello
  Cole Louison
  James Sigman

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