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March 1st, 2008

Park Spent $350,000 on the Lobby

By Josh Elmer

I was walking through Park one of my first days back admiring the new white shoes that I had just purchased and realized that the floor in Park had switched from the gray tile that it was to a strange new tile pattern that I could not figure out.
“When did they do this,” I asked. I found out that it happened over break and furthermore that I should have known about it.
“Don’t you read the Dean’s blog?”
I don’t. Sorry.
So I took a look back through the archives of the blog and saw that it was definitely mentioned; January 16, “(but just WAIT until you see the lobby….),” January 20, (and how ABOUT that lobby floor? We asked for wild and dynamic, and we got it!). I’m not one for interior design, but that tile is definitely dynamic!

Some time ago, I heard that the floor in the lobby is Italian tile. I thought, well that’s really nice. After a short pause I thought “Whoa, whoa, Italian tile? Is that how we’re spending the money in Park?” I may be a bit old-fashioned but Italian tile in the lobby of Park is a bit over the top. I was fine with the lobby before the food cart, before the purple, and before the new tile.  The food cart and the purple I can understand, but Italian tile just seems a bit self-indulgent. How much did this cost?

I checked Dean Lynch’s blog to figure it out and read this: “(and if you’re the person who e-mailed me to say we shouldn’t be spending your tuition money to make the lobby look pretty, we’re not, I promise):” What the hell does that mean? Who did pay for it? And what’s with that strange colon?

The money came from the Office of Facilities’ Capital Improvements budget and cost $350,000 to complete. What kind of projects could be completed using it, you ask? These projects include “any alteration to, or expansion of facilities, new construction or office furniture and carpet.” Arguably the new lobby floor is an improvement, but the question is: couldn’t the $350,000 have gone to something more constructive?

Whaling Wall Matthew Farrell
Chow Feng Shui Josh Elmer
Stained Glass Ceiling Emily McNeill
Anarchitect Mike Berlin
SaHarrison Desert Harrison Flatau
Metrolollipopolis Jennifer Konerman
Tropic of Scurvy Heather Newberger
Copy Editors Danielle Sherwood
  Jenna Scatena
  Elliott Feedore
Adviser Mary Beth O’Connor
Chief Residents Abby Bertumen
  Kelly Burdick
  Bryan Chambala
  Sam Costello
  Cole Louison
  James Sigman

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