Buzzsaw Asks Why…no IC drunk bus

December 7th, 2006

Despite providing education about the dangers of drunk driving, Ithaca College’s lack of a weekend night shuttle bus for students doesn’t help the situation. Because the TCAT’s schedule provides very limited night access, students often find themselves without transportation back to the campus from the Commons and Collegetown. Ideally, students would carpool, finding a designated driver before their night begins. In practice, however, students under the influence might find themselves more inclined to take a ride from a tipsy friend than walk uphill toward their homes.

Many colleges across the country, like Marist and Purdue, put their students’ safety first with a dependable, inexpensive ride home: a ‘drunk bus.’ For the same price of a regular TCAT ride, inebriated students would be guaranteed a safe ride back up the hill to campus. Due to the distance of Ithaca College’s campus from most watering holes, walking is usually not an option, especially in the wintertime.

Because Ithaca College doesn’t have a medical amnesty policy, one reason for the lack of a drunk bus would have to be the College’s involvement in their students drunk behavior. Technically, if a student is reported intoxicated on campus, and are being dropped off on the campus, officials must intervene. Public Safety would be swamped with reports from drunk kids on the drunk bus, and wouldn’t be able to attend to other calls of emergencies. So rather than adopt a medical amnesty policy and provide their students with a weekend night bus, Ithaca College would rather save time and money and put their students in potentially more precarious situations.

- Erika Vonie

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