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October 10th, 2007

is the business building backwards?

As I approached campus for the first time this semester I saw the presence of a new building looming in the distance. Over the summer it has turned from a shell into a full-fledged building with a wall of windows facing Friends Hall. I know the School of Business and Ithaca College are using this hall of academia as the building block for the potential of Ithaca as a undergraduate institution full of sustainabuiliding.

But still, I wondered why a wall of windows would be on the opposite side of a building with a magnificent lake view. I figured if the business school were going to take the lake view away from admissions and Friends, they would at least acquire it for themselves. It’s like having a business deal you intentionally cut yourself out of. Usually when one country takes over another they use the natural resources of the conquered for its own. Wouldn’t the same principle apply when the School of Business takes over land belonging to the Job and Friends Hall?

It’s not that I’m against the business building, my friends are business majors, my dad is a business major and I feel that the school of business should have a building for their department.

In a self congratulatory move, Ithaca has decided to install a monitor display to show that this new building is a the most sustainable in the country, according to LEED (Leaders in Energy and Evironmental Design) standards. This just seems wrong considering that nobody has a decent view anymore. It’s just wasteful.

Not to mention, that the large wall of windows facing friends hall has a sauna effect on the classrooms that are facing the windows, an excellent effect on rooms without air conditioning.

After careful investigation I found the answer. The wall of windows is used for a dual purpose, to utilize the sun to cut down on heating costs and for natural lighting inside the building. It still seems strange that the windows would be placed on the south side of the building when a magnificent lakeview is waiting on the other side.

-Josh Elmer

Whaling Wall Matthew Farrell
Chow Feng Shui Josh Elmer
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