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April 10th, 2007

Sustainability got its definition changed

Ads have been going up recently, plastered around the dining halls and eateries around Ithaca College. Part of the reason for the recent wave of cheery advertisements comes in from this quote: “Maintaining harmony in life is important to your well-being…”

Ithaca, and more importantly, Ithaca College, prides itself on being sustainable.

We like having “peace of mind,” “pure enjoyment,” and “complete satisfaction of…experience.”

Unfortunately, Coca-Cola and Pepsi both think these states of mind come from buying their respective products.

Recently, Ithaca College’s Dining Services sent out an email (the same one from above) via Intercom saying that if one were to, in fact, buy a Coca-Cola or Pepsi product, they would achieve some sort of enlightenment. Enlightenment heightened by the fact that with a scratch ticket you could win: a waterproof MP3 player case, t-shirts, or beach mats.

Clearly someone’s been brushing up on the four noble truths.

I know of many Buddhist monks that when getting ready for their meditation will slip their MP3 player into a waterproof case, throw on their favorite t-shirt and relax on a beach mat – all provided by multi-national conglomerate corporations.

But alas, Coca-Cola and Pepsi decided that through some sort of masturbatorial promotion they could help sustainability on our campus.

We thank the dining halls on our campus for implementing such changes as full service in Terraces and the campaign against taking-more-than-one-can-eat, but this recent move feels akin to your favorite band selling deodorant during some hacky sitcom.

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