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By Max Biringer

The big brown moth comes humming out of the jungle night and lands gracefully on Lan’s shoulder, furry little antennae bristling as a light wind blows past. He looks down on it with little interest, brushes it aside. It takes to the air, joining the multitudes swooping and diving around the flickering fluorescent light of the rest stop. A gecko darts out from behind a faded portrait of honorable comrade Phomvihan to snatch one up. Lan likes to watch the little lizards hunt. Here it’s always easy pickings.

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Whaling Wall Matthew Farrell
Chow Feng Shui Josh Elmer
Stained Glass Ceiling Emily McNeill
Anarchitect Mike Berlin
SaHarrison Desert Harrison Flatau
Metrolollipopolis Jennifer Konerman
Tropic of Scurvy Heather Newberger
Copy Editors Danielle Sherwood
  Jenna Scatena
  Elliott Feedore
Adviser Mary Beth O’Connor
Chief Residents Abby Bertumen
  Kelly Burdick
  Bryan Chambala
  Sam Costello
  Cole Louison
  James Sigman

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